Enjoy Your Favorite Foods While Straightening Your Teeth

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods While Straightening Your Teeth

If you’ve ever worn braces before or know someone who’s worn braces for their orthodontic treatment, then you’re already aware of the extensive list of foods and beverages that you’re unable to enjoy. Foods that are chewy, sticky, hard, crunchy, or sugar-laden should be avoided. This means that you’ll be missing out on roasted almonds, carrot sticks, chewing gum, and much more while wearing your braces. If you want straighter teeth, a healthier bite, and better alignment overall, you’re probably worried about how your orthodontic treatment is going to affect your diet. The good news is that you can experience the best of both worlds by opting for removable aligners. Invisalign and other removable aligners are an increasingly popular alternative to braces. These appliances can be taken out of your mouth whenever you’re ready to eat. With Invisalign, there’s no list of foods to avoid. You can still enjoy all of your favorite crunchy, chewy, and sticky foods. Here are just a few things that you can continue eating with Invisalign that would be off the menu if you chose to wear braces instead:

Foods that you have to bite into using your front teeth. Munching on an apple or enjoying a butter-slathered serving of corn on the cob are two things that you simply cannot do with braces. If you do, your front wires and brackets may pop off. At the very least, these components will loosen. When you have Invisalign, corn on the cob and apples can still be enjoyed, you’ll just need to take your aligners out first.

You can also munch on hard candies, nuts, and other crunchy options. Much like biting an apple, eating almonds, walnuts, carrots, or hard candies can damage the brackets on braces. Even chewing on ice can be problematic. Surprisingly enough, something as seemingly harmless as a crusty baguette can lead to issues with braces. If you’ve got braces, you’ll have to take the time to carefully cut your crunchy foods up. This includes all burgers, raw vegetables, meat, and even croutons.

With braces, you’ll have to pass on chewing gum, gummy candies, caramel, licorice, and pretty much everything else fun. These are foods that can wind up stuck in the wires and brackets on braces. With Invisalign, all you have to do is take your aligners out and indulge in your favorite chewy goods.

Invisalign prevents problems with discoloration even as it allows you to sidestep extra-complicated oral hygiene. Just brush and floss after eating and then put your aligners back in. You can munch on sticky toffee, eat corn on the cob, or indulge in anything else that you desire. For a no-fuss dining experience, simply take your aligners out. Nothing is off the menu when you use removable tooth aligners for your orthodontic treatment. For additional information on Invisalign and its benefits, get in touch with us today.

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