How to Encourage Your Child to Stop Sucking His or Her Thumb

How to Encourage Your Child to Stop Sucking His or Her Thumb

How to Encourage Your Child to Stop Sucking His or Her Thumb

When your child was a baby, thumb sucking was a simple self-soothing strategy, but now that he or she is older, it’s time to break the habit. Constant pressure on the teeth might alter their growth patterns, resulting in orthodontics treatment later on.

Surprisingly, the classic suggestion of putting gloves on a child’s hands or slathering a bad-tasting substance on the child’s thumb is no longer the best practice. Taking away your child’s comfort object can be detrimental to her emotional well-being. Instead, you should try to persuade her to give up the habit by teaching her new ways to cope.

Start a Discussion

If your child is old enough for you to be concerned about how thumb sucking could harm her teeth, you can discuss why it should not be done. Don’t make a big deal out of your child sucking her thumb; instead, convey your concerns in words she can comprehend. After understanding more about the repercussions, older children may alter their behavior.

Raising Awareness

Sucking their thumbs is a common practice among children. They are completely unaware of their actions. When you notice your youngster sucking his thumb, ask him if he realizes what he’s doing. Your youngster may be able to control the habit as he gets more aware of it.

Recognize the Triggers and Get Rid of Them

At times, your toddler is likely to engage in thumb sucking. That’s possible she does it when she’s nervous or terrified. It could simply be because she is weary or bored. If you avoid these triggers ahead of time, you can assist her stop sucking her thumb. If she’s always sucking her thumb while watching TV, for example, you may give her a little toy to fidget with.

Make Alternatives Available

Thumb sucking is a coping mechanism used by children. Give them new strategies to use instead of taking away their old ones. A teddy bear could be a nice alternative if your toddler exclusively sucks his thumb at night. Show him how to take deep breaths or squeeze his thumb instead of sucking his thumb when he’s shy. Simple changes can have a significant impact.

Your Child Should Be Rewarded

Tell her that not sucking her thumb is a step toward becoming a “big kid.” When you observe that she didn’t suck her thumb at a time when she usually would, compliment her. To assist her get thrilled about giving it up, use a sticker chart or another motivational tool. From the outset, instill good dental habits in your child.

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